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About Us


EZlisto began in 2020, created by an Entrepreneur and his team with a vision to support Digital Pakistan by giving a platform to local business owners and local consumers. The purpose of EZlisto is to provide a directory to the people who are frustrated by the annoying process of finding and negotiating with the Service providers, Professionals and Businesses related to different industries. We found the need of a directory in Pakistan which matches great multimedia content with fantastic functionality and that’s why we brought EZlisto for it. EZlisto is making the user experience surprising and delightful.

About Us

EZlisto is Pakistan’s Local directory that provides local search related services to users across Pakistan through platforms such as website & mobile website. EZlisto do not overlook anyone or any business because we believe that every business owner deserves to have a business solution that helps increase their business productivity and efficiency. We endeavor that you include as many businesses as possible – from where to buy fresh vegetables in your local street to the biggest public companies in Pakistan, and we are excited to help you on your journey with us!

Our Mission

To provide fast, free, reliable and comprehensive information to our users and connect businesses to consumers. At ezlisto.com we constantly innovate business solutions and provides businesses to increase their productivity and efficiency by using our intuitive business systems to automate their day-to-day businesses, and to digitalize processing and able to access it online 24 hours and 7 days a week at their convenience.

Our Vision

To create a platform that is very useful for local consumers to interact with the local business owners, establishments, companies and organizations to express their experience on the quality of products and/or services they acquire from those who rendered to them using our reviews section to improve the quality of services.

What does EZlisto mean?

In EZlisto “EZ” means “easy”. It means easy to list where we are giving an attractive website where anyone can list his business.

Our Innovations

We strive to improve our product and user experience on our website and to anticipate future customer requirements. Our goal is to use love, care and technology to open up time, connect people to what is important, and unlock the possibility of an inspired life for all.